Dawn Treader into 3D

Well, I just found out that the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is going to be in 3D! Not really excited, but it is also going to be released in 2D, so it isn’t so bad.

My only objection to 3D is that I get headaches when I see it. But I’ll do it for Narnia. 🙂



Chief Dufflepud

Hey everyone! Earlier today on IMDB.com, we found out that there was a new photo of Roy Billings, who is playing the Chief Dufflepud in Dawn Treader. And it looked really neat, he was all dressed up with costume and facial hair and all. Only thing is, the studio asked that the picture be taken down from all sites until further notice for certain reasons. So, ahem, I decided to grace you with my expert art. Here is what (from what I remember) the picture looking like:

He was obviously standing in what was Corakin’s garden, as there were several green Dr. Suess like hedges around. And I have to say, the dufflepud looked like a maniac! But perfect, mind you. I’m really excited to see his acting.


High Hopes.

Bit by bit news and small spoilers surface from Narnia fan sites, such as Narniaweb.com, or Narniafans.com. Just recently, the creators of both sites were invited to attend a special screening of a few moments of the “Dawn Treader.” They couldn’t tell all, but did say that everything looks good. That it has the same “magicalness” that LWW had.

How encouraging! For me, anyway. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has by far always been my favorite Chronicles book, so I really have high hopes that this movie will do the book justice. Or rather, will do justice to what C.S. Lewis would have wanted.

There will be changes, there’s no doubt about that. We already know about “Gael,” a mysterious little girl that has joined the Dawn Treader crew. All we know is that she is aboard the Dawn Treader and is somehow connected with Rhince, the First Mate aboard the Dawn Treader.

Eustace’s transformation to a dragon towards the end of the film: it has been confirmed by Michael Apted that this is true. How do I feel about it? Bummed. Mostly because I really don’t want them to rush through this process; it is by far the most memorable scene when Aslan is taking off the dragon skin.

Seven Islands turned to Five: I’m not that worried about this, since some of the Islands are barely mentioned anyway. I’m more worried about how they consolidate them.

Fighting at the Lone Islands: We have some reports that say Caspian and Lu are fighting at Narrowhaven, or the Lone Islands. It is said that they are fighting amongst the headless statues.  We also have a picture of Eustace with an oar pointed at Govenor Gumpas.

Forgive me for not mentioning other changes; I can’t remember any others. Please feel free to comment below if you have any other changes to share.

All in all, I am very excited about this film. But I wish there were more spoilers!


Long Time no see!


I must apologize for my lack of Narnia news; I just graduated recently, and have been quite busy with a job. But I will be posting Narnia news more now that I have gotten a handle on things. Thanks!


Dawn Treader Concept Art!

Okay, so I am really excited to share this with you guys; recently Greg Spalanka, the Concept Artist for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, released some art to Narnia fans! They look very cool, and I am very excited to see something about the upcoming film!

Sorry they are so small, but the image downloader won’t let me do any larger. So, in the book, the mer-people aren’t wearing clothes, but from what I can see in these pictures, they are wearing some sort of armour. Happy to see that. Now, we don’t know if these shots are even going to make it in the movie, but it is still neat to FREAK OUT over them! 😉 Anywhoo, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, as there hasn’t been very much Narnia news lately.

~Narnia P.

UPDATE: The artist recently asked all who have posted the art to remove it, as he said, “artwork depicts scenes that will not appear in the film.” I’ll of course respect his wishes, but…..but….NO!!!! I mean, why would we Narnia fans care if they are going to be in the film or not? That is always a possibility with concept art anyway! It’s always a maybe. Oh well. If you want to see the art, go to http://spalenka.com/transfer/mainmenus/artpage/artpage.htm# and click on “Production Design.” Very cool stuff. The Narnia stuff is mixed in with other movie pictures, but I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out which ones are the Narnia ones.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

I have been in this ”blogging” business for almost 2 years now, and I feel that my timer has ran out. All my old friends, with the exception of Brian,Zipo, Narnia, and Steller, have either quit or have started ignoring old friends for new *cough* not naming anyone*cough*. Since I have been through a lot in wordpress I will miss it, and may pop in a few times later. As far as I am concerned my time has been up, all these new bloggers about, and me being here from the time of posting and actually responding to peoples comments, such a trait died long ago.. Infact many people don’t even conceder the thought of actually going to their blog and seeing whats going on. I am terribly sad that this has happened but it has, the age of me being here is over, I am an artifact who does not make interesting posts anymore, I am an old man in blogging years, but this is okay for I accept this, and it could not have come in better time. I am now starting to think about track, I am biking more(even did 28 miles today in the hilly ups and downs of the Ozarks), and i am climbing more mountains in the summer. I have tests to take at school and more socializing to do. I have enjoyed my blogging years, I have enjoyed working at the sites I work at. I will definitly miss those already gone away, some without a mention. Those people are

Olly(still talk to him on MSN though)

Logan(long gone somewhere)

Spongekid3(i dunno)

Giambinny(still I dunno)

Josh(did the same as me but earlier, sad really but i still email him)

Mark(pengi, left without a trace)

I cannot recall any others. Sorry if you were forgotten, I know how it feels.

So yes, i quit, It is not out of pite,depression,or just plain boredom, but out because I know I don’t go on here a lot, and I know you know too. So Cheer up, and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life! 😀

Opus Out, Peace Out. (Monty Python, and George Carlin For Ever *hold up peace sign*) ( BUSH SUCKS!) (Obama Rules) (And Now For Something Completely Different…. The End Of Opus)

Liam Neeson’s Wife dies

I am sure that most people heard about Natasha Richardson died late Wednesday, and were saddened by how quickly the time went between her accident, and her death.

The details on her accident:

”Richardson had been taking a beginner’s skiing lesson at the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec when she fell in what appeared to be a minor mishap; the actress was reported to be laughing and joking as she walked back to her room with assistance from her ski instructor. She began to complain of headaches within an hour of the accident, and was taken to a nearby hospital before being transferred to Montreal’s Sacre Coeur Hospital. Her husband, Liam Neeson, was in Toronto filming the movie Chloe when he heard of the incident, and rushed to her side. After being pronounced brain dead in Montreal, Richardson was later transferred by plane to New York where she was met by family and friends, who held a vigil at her bedside at Lenox Hill hospital. She was later taken off life support, and passed away early Wednesday evening. “

The only way this is relevant to Narnia, is because Liam Neeson voices “Aslan” in the newer Narnia movies. The two had two 12 and thirteen year old boys, and I surely hope they aren’t taking this too hard. It seemed so sudden! I’ll definetly be praying for Mr. Neeson, and his family.