Welcome to my Narnia fan site!

At this site you can find and read about all the characters in the books, pictures, videos, and more! Please feel feel to comment and tell me what you think about the site, or just to talk about Narnia. Please look to your right to find all the different pages!

 NOTICE: As of on Aug. 9th, I will be doing some renovations to this site. Thanks!


12 responses to “Welcome to my Narnia fan site!

  1. Check sponges site!

    This is a very nice website!

  2. Uh, yeah I know, Zipo! 😉

  3. narniafans.weebly.com please have a look at my site for narnia.

  4. AWESOME! I’ll look a bit more around the site after school! (sigh)

  5. Thanks, Crys!! Glad to see you here!

  6. I totally agree with the ‘STrange’ part of your name.
    Opus: Awesome

  7. lol. Glad to see some convo going on here!

  8. Yes. Now can anyone tell me what you buy a very very very very very vervy very very very very very(OTHER VERY’S EDITED OUT :-p)-well you get my point younger sister her age is 8-10 for chritmas?????? im stuck on ideas and im kinda streching my budget of well $75!
    Opus: Idea! Idea! two words Hannah Montana. I am annoyed by that girl but apparently little girls like her.

  9. Does she like beanie babies? Board games?

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