Merry Fudging Christmas!

Halito fellow internet goers. Have you ever wonder why people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Well here is your answer NOT EVERYONE CELEBRATES Christmas. And there’s 2 other holidays during this time Hanukkah And Kwanzaa. Then there’s the Chinese New Year and New Years. So many and you cant walk up to anyone and say “Merry Christmas” they may be Jewish,Buddhist,Hindu,Muslim,or some radical atheist. So there’s your answer if you wondered why they say that.Also Wal-Mart got sued for saying Happy Holidays. Silly isn’t it?

Any whose, Welcome to Narnias new site!….Well its not new,its been here quite some time. But you just now started coming here. I think were still working on it like Pimpin it up and also we need to Advertise so more people will come to this wonderful site of many interesting things.
Also Does Your Family have a Christmas(or Hanukkah,Kwanzaa..etc)Tradition? My families tradition is watching “A Christmas Story” on Christmas eve. If you have not heard of that movie you should watch it. Its hilarious! Tell us your families Traditions! Thanks!

Merry Fudging Christmas



6 responses to “Merry Fudging Christmas!

  1. yay Opus!
    and sweet new site, narnia.
    i dont understand the header though

  2. I didn’t at first! It a quote from Narnia-Prince Caspian.
    I commented here a day or so ago!? Whered it go???????????

  3. haha well that wasn’t a creepy video at all.

    cool blog narnia. cool post opus.
    where is everybody?

    looking at other blogs i’ve come the conclusion that blog “enthusiasm” is crashing with the economy.

    npengi i don’t get the header. is it some kinda sexual innuendo?

    just kidding. it’s obviously some kind of inside joke.

  4. Carly: Thanks for coming!! 🙂 The header is referring to a line in the book “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” One of the Narnia books. Reepicheep(a noble mouse) wants to attempt single combat with a dragon. Prince Caspian rolls his eyes and says no. 🙂

    Crys: I shall try and find the lost comment!

    Peace: 😉 You’r right, it is a sort of inside joke. See my explanation to Carly to understand. Yeah….it does seem like everyone is gone now. I miss the old days.

  5. haha thats funny! I read the first, like, 5 books but then I just got too confusing…
    is the voyage of the dawn treader the one where the kids get transported into an ocean through a picture in a guest room or something? i just remember that part, nothing else 🙂

    and Opus you are a admin on my site now!

  6. Yep, that’s right!

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