My favorite scene in PC

Hey all! Thank you Opus for the Christmas cheer, it was a good post!

I just wanted to share with you guys my favorite scene in Prince Caspian; I’ve found it on youtube, and it’s not that long at all. Here is the URL!



20 responses to “My favorite scene in PC

  1. I lik that scene toooooooooo!

  2. Wait. My post wasnt for Christmas cheer. *ahem* HOLIDAY cheer. (Christmas,Hanukkah,Kwanzaa,Chinese New Year, Santa Day[or Dec.25th] {Atheist holiday lol}) Cool video! :-p

  3. Dear Friends,
    My site is currently under construction so no-one {sadly} can vist it. I am not sure how long it will take. BUT I PROMISE when I re-open it it will be a totally fresh, new look for everyone to enjoy! Just bear with me and be patient!

  4. hey. whatever happened to that logan kid?

  5. Dear Friends,
    My ‘fresh new look’ is coming beatifully! I am nearly finished and my site will be ready before the 14th of demember australian time this is two {2} days from now!

  6. Dear Friends,
    My ‘fresh new look’ is coming beatifully! I am nearly finished and my site will be ready before the 14th of demember australian time this is two {2} days from now!

  7. Ooh good, Crys!!
    Opus, yeah sorry, that’s what I meant!
    Opus: Mhm lol

  8. Yoops! I dsouble commented…..Sorry!

  9. hey guess what. logan’s back.
    and i posted on my blog. which i haven’t done in like a year. exciting times huh?

    hey narnia. my brother was watching the 1st narnia movie on sunday. did you know that the faun guy that plays the lyre is James Mccavoy? from Wanted?
    I think it was. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Yup! I knew that. Neat, huh? Yeah, LWW has been playing on the Abc channel these past two weeks to promote Prince Caspian, and also as a christmas special. Oooh, Logan! I’ll go check it out.

  10. OMG NARNIA OMG OMG OMG! Wow, nice new blog! I’m SO SO SO SO sorry for not visiting. To tell you the truth, the last time I logged in would’ve been in November, lol. Well, nice new blog. And in school, like three weeks ago, in English class we watched Prince Caspian. It’s awesome, I love Reepicheep he’s so cute! Errr, nevermind, lol. The battle scene is cool too, though I think it is quite a bit different from the book. Have fun!


    Narnia: YES! SOMEONE ACTUALLY NOTICED IT IS DIFFERENT THAN THE BOOK! lol. Sorry. I just get tired of people being like “it’s just like in the book!” The director really changed the plot. But it is very well made, and I’m glad to hear you like it. Yes, I like Reep too! Though in the book he is much more gallant and honorable.

  11. Merry Christmas, Narnia.

  12. Merry Christmas
    Seasons Greetings!

  13. I got stuff!
    Hey, I won’t be around for about 2 weeks ‘cuz im going to new zealand! I’m just sayin’ goodbye. Go 2 my webbie for more details.

  14. Dear Friends!
    Tomorrow Morning I’ll be jetting off to New zealand! I’m here to say my final goodbyes! So BYE anyways, I’ll see ‘ya’ll in two weeks-if I can’t borrow a computer or an internet café- so BYE!
    I’ll miss you!

  15. Oh, see ya, Crys!! I hope you have bunches of fun!!

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