What kind of Christmas?

Hello there!

I hope all of you had a fun and relaxing Christmas! Mine isn’t always that way. But thankfully, this year was great! Not because I got almost everything that I wanted(I actually almost did) but because it was….peaceful. We all gathered around (Grandma included) read the Christmas story, and then opened our presents. Afterwards we had a big Christmas lunch. (roast, pie, ect.) It didn’t snow on Christmas day, but we did have snow on the ground. It was a sweet Christmas. How did yours go? Was it boring? Too many relatives come over? Not enough presents?

A few presents I got: (Oh, and you’d better not laugh!)




Oh, and Stell wants me to add that she had a fun Christmas too. She’s right next to me. 🙂 Anyway…those are a few of the presents I recieved. I know, I know. I’m 18 and I wanted some action figures. But I’m a Narnia freak, ok? 😉

Merry Christmas, everyone!



16 responses to “What kind of Christmas?

  1. Thats okay narnia ima LEGO freak and guess what i got. LEGOS :p

  2. you guys suck. all i got was a crappy ipod touch.

    (um in case my mother is reading this on my history or something….that was sarcasm, mom..i love my ipod touch.)

    i was never really skilled in lego architecture. all i could make were multi color cubes.
    but anyways cool.
    npengi…narnia is awesome okay? we all have our obsessions that we like to be surrounded by.
    (credits to good luck chuck)

    this doesn’t really make sense does it? my apologies.

  3. I totally agree with brian! Legos are awesome, but I suck at building with them!
    And I got a lame old iPod touch too! Laaame!!!!
    Lol but ur obssesion totally fine, narnia! U wouldn’t believe how obssesed I am with the show The Office!

  4. An iPod touch?!! I don’t even own an iPod! Great gift, Peace! And thanks. I know what you mean.
    Legos, huh? Wow, I haven’t touched a Lego in….I think it would be ten years this year. LOL.
    Oh, I’ve heard of the Office, Carly. I’ve heard it’s really funny.

  5. I have an ipod nano. Why would an Ipod touch suck more than an ipod nano?
    Legos never get old for me. I like to build houses,battlefields,and their great animation figures.

  6. Merry late New Year and Christmas, Narnia!!!

  7. Lego? So not my thing. The only thing I can build using stuff is…..a mess. I’m not very creative…at all. EXAMPLE: I was in Art Class and we were told to make a Christmassy Mask. I decided to make a Reindeer I used all sorts of odd stuff and when I’d finished my Reindeer looked like it had gotten run over by a truck-GAWD! Was that the under statment of the year- and when I showed my friends they all started laughinh-don’t worry I know they mean well! I laughed too!-
    By the way I’m back from new Zealand!

  8. Also Narnia is there anyway to get on your Blogroll?

  9. Hey, how was your trip? Have a fun Christmas? No problem, you’re on my blogroll now!

  10. NZ was awesome
    Xmas was fun

  11. ALmost 10,000 hits! I’m confused…when you posted the companionship post on your site I started to wonder which is your site: this one or npfansite? Tell me the main one so I can update my blogroll if needed, please, lol.

    Oh! This one. So sorry for the confusion!! Yes, this will be my main site now.

  12. wow nice prezzies 🙂

    i got some cool things 2 and it was fun


  13. Narnia; where art thou Narnia?

  14. Mopping up my cut nostril. LOL.

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