Disney Doesn’t want Narnia anymore

Hey all! I just recently found out that Disney isn’t going to partner with Walden Media anymore on making the next movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. They might not help with ANY of the Narnia movies. Why? Here are some reasons they listed:

1. Not enough money made from Prince Caspian

2. Disney wanted to decide when Prince Caspian would hit theatres, and Walden Media said no.

So basically, Disney didn’t get what they wanted, and so they said they were done. So now, Walden is looking for a partner to make the next film, and there are rumors going around that 20th Century Fox will gladly partner with them. But the thing is, a lot of Narnia fans are worried, because Disney did a lot of the advertising for the movies, and really helped contribute to them. So the question is, will people lose interest in Narnia now that the big name of Disney is gone?

And on a side note, I’ve finished my Narnia dress! Can you believe it?!!!! Here it is!



I am still thinking on whether I want to make a cape or not. If so, it would probably have to be a gold colored cape. Tell me what you guys think!



19 responses to “Disney Doesn’t want Narnia anymore

  1. Cool post! screw disney. they have gone mad since walt died. BTW i went on facebook and saw grant imahara is your friend. MYTHBUSTERS!! WEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    I know, IT’S AWESOME! I found Kari, but a person can’t add her as a friend, she has to add you herself. Yeah, Disney isn’t what it used to be, is it?

  2. Hello, Narnia fans.
    Shame on Disney! Liked the Prince Caspian film, and was looking very much forward to the next!!
    Perhaps all fans should bye an extra copy of the “Prince Caspian” DVD, as presents or something. Lots of DVDs sold might encourage some other company to take on the film.
    For Narnia and for Aslan!!!

  3. Shame on Disney!
    Perhaps all Narnia fans should bye an extra copy of the “Prince Caspian” DVD. Good sales might encourage some other company to take on the third film!!
    For Narnia and for Aslan!

  4. ohmygod FACEBOOK?!
    people around here seem to like it a lot.

    i understand the disney thing. it’s kind of insane what they’re promoting right now… wannabe rockstars (i.e miley cyrus, selena gom-whateverhernameis)

    who does harry potter? that isn’t disney is it?

  5. hey did you know that guy from startrek died recently? that’s almost as bad as like paul mccartney dieing. (or his lookalike…whichever)

  6. thats a pretty dress! i knew disney were evil!!! muahahahhahaaaaaa! waiiit, why am i laughing evil-ly? ❓

  7. disney should go and crawl into a hole
    they take over club penguin and then they don’t wanna partner……. evil evil

    oh & thats AWESOME!!!!! The dress

  8. Thanks, guys! I don’t know who does HP, Peace….I don’t think it is Disney.
    Elizabeth, maybe that would help! But I don’t think it’s neccessary. (sp?) Many companies have heard of LWW and Narnia being made into movies, and LWW was a really big hit. I think a lot of companies would like that advertising, and something that big with their name.


  10. not leonard nemoy

  11. i have a question!!! is that you in the dress?

    Yeo, that’s me!

  12. Hiya narnia, just commenting to say i won’t be around as much so don’t think i abandoned you OK? Cuz your my fwend

    😉 No worries!

  13. i changed my name 2 ☺ Crys ☺ cuz thats my nickname k?

    Sounds good to me!

  14. ohhh whats happened? no more posting? where art thou narnia and opus?

    Ach, waiting for more Narnia news! Sorry it’s dull right now, but it IS a Narnia site….well…let me think of something.

  15. Speaking of Disney, they’re woking on the most awesome thing ever right now. It’s supposed to be confidential, but I have a relative working for Disney… and I’m not really supposed to tell, but I will anyway! lol. They’re coming out with a Disney Hawaii! It’s gonna be HUGE! Like 2 times better than Disney World in Orlando Florida and Disneyland in CA! 😀

    Wow, that sounds really neat! I bet my sis will like that. (She lives in Hawaii!)

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