Chief Dufflepud

Hey everyone! Earlier today on, we found out that there was a new photo of Roy Billings, who is playing the Chief Dufflepud in Dawn Treader. And it looked really neat, he was all dressed up with costume and facial hair and all. Only thing is, the studio asked that the picture be taken down from all sites until further notice for certain reasons. So, ahem, I decided to grace you with my expert art. Here is what (from what I remember) the picture looking like:

He was obviously standing in what was Corakin’s garden, as there were several green Dr. Suess like hedges around. And I have to say, the dufflepud looked like a maniac! But perfect, mind you. I’m really excited to see his acting.



9 responses to “Chief Dufflepud

  1. How have you been, Narnia? How’s Stellar and everyone?

  2. She’s great, thanks for asking! She’s really grown since we last talked. She’s 15 already. 😀 How have you been?

  3. Narnia! 🙂
    How have you been? We haven’t heard from you in ages!

  4. Are you serious? Stellar was older than me?? Wow. It’s been ages since we talked!!! Like, a year, lol.

  5. Yeah, what’s Stell up to these day? Not to mention what are you up to? 😀

  6. 🙂 Not much, I’m actually a nanny! (Funny, huh?)

  7. Really?
    Can you pleeease get Stellar to come back? It was so much fun back then [before the big fight…] with all of us.

  8. A nanny? Interesting stuff! What sort of things do you do? Ooh, tell me about the family.. Are they weirdos? Lol.
    Yeah, ask Stell to come back! We miss her too!

  9. Nope, they’re cool. 🙂

    Josh, sure! She’s pretty busy with school and all, but I’ll tell her.

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