High Hopes.

Bit by bit news and small spoilers surface from Narnia fan sites, such as Narniaweb.com, or Narniafans.com. Just recently, the creators of both sites were invited to attend a special screening of a few moments of the “Dawn Treader.” They couldn’t tell all, but did say that everything looks good. That it has the same “magicalness” that LWW had.

How encouraging! For me, anyway. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has by far always been my favorite Chronicles book, so I really have high hopes that this movie will do the book justice. Or rather, will do justice to what C.S. Lewis would have wanted.

There will be changes, there’s no doubt about that. We already know about “Gael,” a mysterious little girl that has joined the Dawn Treader crew. All we know is that she is aboard the Dawn Treader and is somehow connected with Rhince, the First Mate aboard the Dawn Treader.

Eustace’s transformation to a dragon towards the end of the film: it has been confirmed by Michael Apted that this is true. How do I feel about it? Bummed. Mostly because I really don’t want them to rush through this process; it is by far the most memorable scene when Aslan is taking off the dragon skin.

Seven Islands turned to Five: I’m not that worried about this, since some of the Islands are barely mentioned anyway. I’m more worried about how they consolidate them.

Fighting at the Lone Islands: We have some reports that say Caspian and Lu are fighting at Narrowhaven, or the Lone Islands. It is said that they are fighting amongst the headless statues.  We also have a picture of Eustace with an oar pointed at Govenor Gumpas.

Forgive me for not mentioning other changes; I can’t remember any others. Please feel free to comment below if you have any other changes to share.

All in all, I am very excited about this film. But I wish there were more spoilers!



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