Dawn Treader into 3D

Well, I just found out that the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is going to be in 3D! Not really excited, but it is also going to be released in 2D, so it isn’t so bad.

My only objection to 3D is that I get headaches when I see it. But I’ll do it for Narnia. 🙂



7 responses to “Dawn Treader into 3D

    Haha. I don’t mind 3D (and I’m one of these lucky people that doesn’t get headaches from it). But I’ll roll with the 2D because I tend to find that the 3D films just aren’t done that well.

  2. Is Stellar going to come back, pleeease?

  3. Pretty pleassseeee?

  4. lol people are still commenting on your CP blog. 😛

  5. Hey narnia. remeber me? im trying to get in contact with everyone else… so mabey if they see this blog by chance i cantalk to them again and you and stuff.

  6. COLE, SPONGE, CHRISSY IF YOUR READING THIS ITS BEEN YEARS SINCE IVE TALKED TO YOU GUYS.. IF YOUR READING THIS EMAIL ME AT SCORPPN@AIM.COM i hope to talk to you guys again. also text me at 1-407-922-1672 if you have a phone. or call if you have to. -blue

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