About Me

Hello there!

My name is Rachel Stromer, and I have been a Narnia fan for a very long time.

I began reading the books when I was nine, and since then my “fandom” has only escelated. I am the second oldest with six sisters and two brothers, making that a total of ten people in my family.

My first blogging experience was a Club Penguin fan site and even though I was getting good hits and had a lot of great friends on the site, it wasn’t my “passion” so to speak. Narnia has always been a passion. So I started a Narnia fan site, and here it is. This is more of a discussion site rather than an updated news site, but every now and then I will post news about the upcoming movies. Feel free to leave a comment!


18 responses to “About Me

  1. Ξ≡¤ζΘØζΘΦÐΣΣΜ¤≡Ξ

    my favorite book in the series is the macigian’s nephew
    lol i have no idea how to spell magician (did i spell it right?)

  2. Magican’s Nephew. 😉 You were close!!

  3. COOL! I like Aslan! I’ve finally met someone who likes both CP and the Chronicles of Narnia! LOL!

    Ben10 Dude!

    Finally!! I meet someone else who likes Narnia!! Woohoo!!!

  4. It’s good isn’t it? I especially like “The horse and his boy”, because there’s a special relationship between Shasta and Bree. I like the part at the beginning when Shasta says “If only you could talk, old fellow” and then Bree answers “But I can” which made Shasta think he was dreaming! that was a funny part! What was YOUR fav part of that story, Rachel? (can I call u that, or do u prefer being called Narniapengi?)

    Ben10 Dude!

  5. Sorry, I prefer just Narnia. 😉 My favorite part….or Horse, or just any book? Hard question! lol. I also love the bond between the two, and I like Hwin a lot.
    Out of that book though, my favorite part is when he is riding the horse behind the king, and his horse won’t go fast. Then he meets Aslan, and is completely scared of him!! I like it though, becuase of what they talk about. Have you ever listened to any of the Focus On The Family Narnia audio tapes?

  6. nope, but I’ve read all the books and I’ve watched some movies about the books.

    Ben10 Dude!

    Oh, ok. What is your favorite part is Dawn Treader?

  7. Hmmm…. hard to say. Maybe at part where Lucy was reading the Magician’s book or the part where Aslan was in the shape of a lamb.

    Ben10 Dude!

  8. Ah, I love it when Aslan takes the form of the lamb, it is neat. Have you read C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, or any of his other books before?

  9. Hmm… no, I don’t think so. How come nowadays only me and u seem to be chatting on this page?

    Ben10 Dude!

  10. Well, we were pretty much the only ones chatting in the first place. I really appreciate you comming, and I love it that you like Narnia as well!

  11. Thought you may be interested in this clip: http://www.reelzchannel.com/video/33637/exclusive-prince-caspian-interview It’s a great interview with Ben Barnes discussing Prince Caspian.

    Narniapengi: thanks!

  12. The last book “The Last Battle”‘s S-A-D! They are GLAD they are DEAD even though they live in narnia wit all there friends.What about there FRIENDS? and PARENTS? and OTHER FAMIL??
    Opus: Clearly you wrote this very fast. I have taken the liberty of fixing it up. And theres some people who havent read the ending sooo now i dont have to lol ;). Maybe they stayed in Narnia so long they did’nt care about their family. :-p

  13. Uh, think of it this way, Crys: You died and see a long lost friend in heaven. Yeah. They were happy, because they knew they’d never have to worry about anything again, and because they got to see old friends.

  14. True but I’d be very upset… Because I’d be scared because I LOVE my parents I would wanna see ’em again! Oh yeah and my friends but more so my parents and sister!

  15. Thxs Opus! I do type fast and can’t be stuffed to fix mistakes 😉

  16. They DO see their parents! It’s in the book. You should read it again. 😀

  17. narnia is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is the best
    my fave part is when they all come into narnia for the first time
    i luv it

  18. Fazflowerthorne

    he Chronicles Of Kinrararia™
    F A Z

    This is a story about a family going to school one term. Little did they know that things going to be extremely HAYWIRE before they know it. I hope I told it right and if I’m not scared of wasting paper I’d have written pages and pages of the words ‘Sorry’ and if you’re not liking it then I’m sorry. And I know you wanted the story to start quickly. So ‘ere it is. I’m presenting it and if you don’t like the starting, don’t feel angry. Welcome to the story.

    “Peter, quickly!” said Susie.” “Alright, I’m a-coming! Hey, what’s the rush?” said Peter.
    “The train’s coming in, idiot!” said Susie.
    “Where’s the others?” asked Peter. “They are already on the train. Quick!” said Susie. Eddie and Lucie were waiting for them in a compartment near the door. “Why were you late?” asked Lucie. “Peter was looking for his hat. He found it in his bag.” said Susie. All of them in the exception of Peter chuckled. Peter scowled. They saw a girl was sitting in their compartment. When they looked at her, she took a book out of her bag began reading with extreme focus. Meanwhile, she’s also writing in book. When they looked at the book, it’s filled with music notes. She saw them looking at her and she smiled. “Hello, my name is Sarah. What’s your name?” “ My name’s Peter and this is Eddie. That is Susie and that is Lucie. How old are you?” “ I’m 13 years old. How old are you?” “ Me and Susie is also 13 and Eddie and Lucie is 12. Where did you come from?” “ I came from Malaysia. You?” “ Well, we came from London.” “ Nice to meet you.” “ Alright, see you at sch0ol.” The Laurences turned away from her and began to talk in animated voices. Sarah continued her work. She took out a beautiful flute and began to play a beautiful tune and everybody was looking at her. The Laurences looked at the book and the tunes is not like in the book. “Sarah, you didn’t follow the book’s tunes.” “ Oh, that’s for other times. This song is my primary school’s anthem.” “ Oh, thanks for telling us.”

    “ Hey, Sarah! Madame Rosie is looking for you! She asks you to be quick if you can!” yelled Eddie. “Alright, I’m a coming now!” said Sarah. 10 minutes after that, Sarah came out looking very happy. “What’s up?” “I got 50 out of 50 for my favorite subject, French.” “What? You like French?” yelped Eddie. “Yeah, sure!” “ See you at Science class after break.” “Right.” “Hey, there’s Peter!” Peter was coming straight to them. “Hey guys! I got 26 out of 30 for PE.” “Umm, guys, I think Susie and Lucie is beckoning to you!” “Right.” “Bye.” Susie and Lucie were waiting for them at the stairs. “What took you so long?” asked Susie. “Nothing, we are just talking to Sarah and she got 50 out of 50 for French, her favorite subject.” “What, she likes French?” “I would like to know the details myself, thank you. You thought she’d tell me in a hurry, eh?” said Eddie. “We’ll ask her in the dormitory tonight, me and Lucie.” said Susie. Then they all parted for their classes. At the girls dormitory, everybody is chattering till the Prefect Marie said “Lights off, please, Martha.” At that moment, Lucie and Susie asked Sarah the question they’ve been bursting to ask. “Is it true that you’ve got 50 out of 50 for the HATED subject, French?” whispered Lucie. Susie nodded. “Well, it’s my favorite subject, is French.” whispered Sarah. “Can we know the details to tell Eddie and Peter because they dying to know the details, too.” asked Susie in a whisper. “Oh, it’s just that I learned French in Malaysia. So it’s really easy like eating fried rice which is Malaysia’s one of the national food.” whispered Sarah. “Ooh, have you any fried rice. We haven’t any in our whole life, you see. Susie and I will pack some to give to Ed and Peter.” whispered Lucie. “Yes, I have some in the rucksack.” whispered Sarah.

    I should think not, they’re from London. Oops, sorry for interrupting. Getting on with the story.

    “Hurrah, a midnight feast.” they shouted in a whisper.

    Yes, hurrah! Gosh, why am I interrupting a reader in the middle of reading? Go on reading ……

    “Lovely food but a bit too hot for missies from the European countries and quite a professional sleep food and quite bad for health if eaten too much, isn’t it?” whispered Lucie. “Yes and there is cases at Malaysia, people ate too much and slept all day long…..” said Sarah in a whisper.
    “What??” “Why don’t come over to my house this summer?” asked Sarah. “We’ll ask the boys and our parents.”

    From that day (or I should say, night) they always had midnight feasts but they never got caught by Madam Bloom that patrols the girls corridors every night just to make sure that the girls sleep, not talk. But they never forgot to bring some morsels down for Ed and Peter. They were very glad of them. As usual, the school was starving almost everybody. “Thanks a lot, you three.” said Peter and Eddie. They loved the fried rice 99%. The other 1% is gone because it is too hot for them.

    I’m not interrupting, it’s just that English people don’t really fancy spices, eh?
    And this is the place where the adventures started. This is the Fork of The Paper.
    Just made the First Joke.

    “Susie, Lucie, wake up!” whispered Sarah. “Lucie, can you go to the boys dormitory and wake up Ed and Peter and remember to bring coats. I’ll bring your coat.” “Sure, anyway they sleep just one pace from the door.” “Meet us at the Posting Section of The Bulletin Hall.” And Lucie went to wake up the boys. It must be a hardy to wake up the boys because it took 5 minutes and a half. At last, soggy- eyed and yawning, they ran to the Bulletin Hall. Sarah frowned and asked, “What took you so long?” “The boys were too fast asleep.” Sarah led them into a room they have never seen before. “What is the name of this room?” “It is the Room of Mischief. I knew it when I first tried to blow into my flute the tunes that you have seen in my book while we’re in the train.” “What happened?” “You’ll know in a moment.”

    What is going to happen to them? Don’t turn the page until you’ve thought the answer….

    a. Going to sleep
    b. Going to supermarket
    c. Going to carnival
    d. Going to Kinrararia

    “What is really going on?” asked the four Laurences. “I’ll tell you when we get there with the Transparents and Opaques to help me, I suppose.” “What are Transparents and Opaques?” asked Peter. “I’ll tell you in the Cole’s Wood in The Other World near the Down Sea.” “Have you got anything to eat?” “Yes, but we’ll eat at Cole’s Wood. And have you any barley sugar packs? Choose any food packs and carry it. Now, the flute, where is it? Oh, here it is. The book of magical tunes. Where is the tune of The Seven Doves? Oh, yes, page 7.” Then she blew a tune so overwhelming and everyone had a whooping sensation like something has leapt up in their chest.
    Peter felt like there’s a warming feeling in his body; Eddie felt a mysterious and lovely feeling; Susie felt like she were flying; Lucie felt brave and adventurous; Sarah felt happy and cool. Suddenly, there’s a wind tunnel sucking them with the sound of doves flying around. Suddenly they found themselves in a thick wood and saw that they were quite near the sea. “What is going on, Sarah?” “Light a fire and after we eat, I’ll tell you.” “Isn’t it cold!” said Peter. And Sarah went to catch some fish and came back laden with baskets of fish. The girls found a kettle and a pot. The boys plucked apples and washed the fishes. Sarah hunted in the bags and found plates, cups, butter, honey, bread and bread-knife. The boys made a hanging place to hang the pot and kettle. The girls made tea and cooked the fish. Sarah cut the apples in half and filled the apples with butter, honey and fish and she roasted them in the pot and 30 minutes after that took it out again. She also made a very tasty drink made from honey and apple juice. The boys made apple juice to add with the tea with some honey. Lucie cut some bread and buttered the bread with some honey on top and placed them in the pot and 20 minutes after that took them out again. It took 50 minutes to get it done. They all sat around the fire and took everything on the menu and the food finished VERY quickly. When they finished everybody lay down with a sigh of contentment looking at the constellations. “Sarah, you must explain what is happening.” Suddenly the sound of flapping filled the wood. “What is that?” asked Susie and Lucie, both trying to hide the nervousness in their voices. “Oh, it’s just the owls and hummingbirds and doves coming to hear the story and share the warmth of the fire. I called them here.” “How and when?” “After eating and you others were at the sea washing things. By using the flute. And before I begin the story, I would like to give you tokens from this world, they will protect against evil and will teach you how to defend yourselves.” Sarah took 5 things out of thin air. The children gasped and gaped and spluttered. The things were; an emerald sword for Peter; a ruby sword for Eddie; a platinum bow with gold arrows for Susie; a silver bow with gold arrows for Lucie; a gold bow with silver arrows for Sarah. And suddenly Sarah’s flute is changing color and it flew up in the air. Suddenly it fell and Sarah caught it. The color had changed from yellow to forget-me-not blue. The birds around them chirped and twittered. The book of magical tunes fell unto the ground and flipped the pages until it reached the end of the book. The book turned bronze then silver then it stopped at gold. Everyone touched it and knew that it was pure, soft gold. It was glowing like a pearl and suddenly the cover is covered with small, rubies. Everybody looked at each other in amazement. Then, Sarah said, “Before I start the story, have a little morsel hand made just like the food.

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