My Costumes

Well, I finally made a Narnia dress. The next picture is just something I threw together to wear at a History Fest.



I am still thinking on whether I want to make a cape or not. If so, it would probably have to be a gold colored cape. Tell me what you guys think!


7 responses to “My Costumes

  1. wow and u made that its awesome

    Hey, Sunny! Yeah, thanks!! It did take me a while, though!

  2. That is sooooo awesome!!! I wish I could sew that well, whew! How long did it take you, and did you use a design/pattern?

    Narnia: Yep, I did use a pattern. It took me at least like five months, I believe. But it was worth it!!

  3. What’s it for, just for fun or a party or something?

    Not really for anything, I guess. Just for fun.

  4. I could NEVER do something like that. That’s someone gifted!

  5. That is very kind of you to say, thank you. But I think you could. It would take practice and a lot of help, but you could.

  6. hi nice dress

  7. narnia is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow that is awesome. we had a dress up day at our school and i wanted to dress up like susan but i ended up looking like edmund. narnia is like sooooooooooo cool.

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