The Bible and Narnia

Here are Biblical parralel things from each of the books, taken from: Please look to your right to find the subpages!


7 responses to “The Bible and Narnia

  1. I have read alll the books and have found that Magician’s Nephew relates most to the Bible. This is because of the creating of Narnia and how you shall not eat from the trees and the white witch, green witch or Jadis Queen of Char n tries to tempt them to eat it. The only difference is that they do not eat it. This relates to the story of Adam and Eve. This is a great site and I encourage you to keep it up. I am sure you will be very sucessful. To post this I have to give my email, please do not loook at this.

  2. Awesome, Yelli! Thank you for commenting, I really do love Narnia, and I am glad you do, too. Yes, I love the things that relate to the Bible, it is so neat to find.

  3. oh lol. i didn’t know the narnia could be associated with the Bible.

    but i guess you could relate the lion dude to Jesus Christ when he sacrificed himself to the witch lady.

  4. You bet. There are a lot of allegories in TCON. Some are subtle, some not so subtle.

  5. hi i love narnia

    im in p5 and we have a
    classroom of narnia at murrayfield p.s
    i knew the bible is related to narnia because
    were holly learning about it

    Very cool! I love all the different stuff hidden in the books.

  6. narniafreak1lpf

    I can totally find all this stuff from the first movie to relate to the Bible, but like I’ve heard from others, it was a LOT harder for Prince Caspian to find any Bible related things though I know the first one was almost completely allegorical.

  7. No kidding, Narniafreak! I wonder why that one has less stuff in it.

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