Prince Caspian

In this book, it seems as if the whole thing of the Old Narnians trying to reclaim the land that was theirs is similar to the Israelites reclaiming their homeland after being driven out of it because of their sin, although I don’t recall the Narnians doing anything bad to bring this upon them.

Seeing Aslan-In the book, Lucy could see Aslan before the rest of the kids were able to. Eventually, one by one, they all saw him. I think this is like people who don’t have faith(or enough of it). When all the other Pevensies didn’t have faith that Aslan was there, they didn’t see him. It’s like us in that when we don’t have faith in God, we can’t see Him or the truth. We are “blinded” when we don’t believe, just like the Pevensies, excluding Lucy, couldn’t see Aslan. John 3:21


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