The Horse and His Boy

Shasta found in a boat– When Arsheesh found Shasta in a boat, it seems to parallel Moses when he was sent adrift by his mother in the Nile. Both were brought up by an adoptive parent and both were living in a different culture than the one they were born into. Exodus 2:10

Aravis being clawed by Aslan– This parallels the fact that we will all be punished for the wrongs we have done equal to what we have done to others. Job 10:14

Aslan walking beside Shasta on pass to Narnia– This seems to parallel Jesus guiding us. Shasta later found out that Aslan was inbetween him and a cliff that he would have fallen off of. This is also a continuation of Aslan guiding Shasta through his whole journey to Narnia. Although God doesn’t dictate everything that happens in our life, for we have free will, he still helps us to stay on the straight and narrow path. Psalm 25:5, Psalm 48:14

Puddle growing in Aslan’s footprint– The puddle that springs up out of Aslan’s footprint shortly after when the above happened may parallel the Spring of Life. It grew in the footprint until it overflowed and created a little stream. The stream was as clear as crystal, same as in the below verse. Shasta refreshed himself in the water, same as we will be refreshed when we drink from the Spring of Life in the new Heaven and Earth. Revelation 22:1

Bree and Aslan-Bree seems to take the role of the doubting Thomas in the Bible when he won’t believe Aslan is a Lion. words to Bree in The Horse and His Boy–“‘Touch me. Smell me. Here are my paws, here is my tail, these are my whiskers'” (158)–recall the invitation of Jesus to doubting Thomas in John 20 to touch his hands and side.


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