The Last Battle

White Rock– The white rock that is mentioned when Tirian is in battle, the one that Jill is to fall back to, parallels the rock in the desert that Moses hit and water came out of. In the book, water also came out of the white rock as did the one in the bible. Exodus 17:6

New Narnia– Just like in the Bible, the old Narnia is swept away and a new Narnia was there for them just as our earth (and heaven) will one day be swept away and we will also get a new earth (and heaven). Revelations 21:1

Pain– Just like in the Bible, in the new Narnia there is no pain, suffering, etc…(If you remember Jewel and the others ran without exhaustion.) Revelations 21:4

Stars & Moon– Just as is the Bible, during the last days of our earth, the stars fall from the sky, (Revelations) 6:13 and the moon turns red (Revelations 6:12).

Judging– Just as God in the Bible, Aslan judges all the creatures to see if they are his followers. If not they walk into his shadow and are never seen again. If they follow him, they shall join him in the New Narnia where they shall stay in bliss with each other forever, as we will in Heaven. Revelations 20:12

Dead are raised– Just as what will happen during the end days of earth, the dead followers of Aslan are raised back to life to live in the new Narnia, as those who rise in our world will go to heaven (or hell). Revelations 20:13


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