The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe


The White Witch– The White Witch parallels the Devil in many places in this book. She is the unrightful ruler of Narnia, though Aslan is the one who created it. This is quite similar to how the Devil is called the Prince of our world, though God is the rightful owner of it. John 14:30 Another a similartiy between the two in this book is the fact that they only treat a person nicely so that they do what they want them to do. The Witch only was nice to Edmund to get him to bring his siblings to Narnia. After this she treated him no better than a slave. The Devil is the same. He appears to be good on the outside, but really he is only decieving you so he can get a hold on you. 2 Corinthians 11:14


– In this book Aslan parallels God, especially God the Son in many ways. The most striking example is that of Aslan dying in the stead of Edmund. He gave his life for Edmund so that he could live. After his death, though, he rose from the dead. This is very similar to how Jesus died for our sins and, afterwords, rising from the dead. Luke 23:26-Luke 24:12

The Stone Table– The Stone Table parallels the Cross. Just as Aslan was killed for Edmund’s sake on the Stone Table, so to died Jesus die for our sins on the Cross. Matthew 27:32-56

The Statues In The Witches Palace– I believe that when Aslan, Susan, and Lucy came and turned the statues back to living creatures that it paralleled when Jesus, after his death on the Cross, went down to Paradise. (Paradise was the place were all the believers of God went after they died IF they died before Christ come to earth, i.e. during the Old Testament. This is because nobody could enter Heaven if they had ever sinned. But now Jesus has died for our sins.) When he went there he took all the people who were there and raised them from the dead. Just like that, Aslan took all the statues, breathed on them, and brought them back to life. Matthew 27:52, Luke 23:43

When Aslan Feeds The Army

– In the book, Aslan’s army, after they had defeated the Witch, were fed by Aslan himself. The Pevensie’s said they never knew where he got all the food for them to eat. This parallels when Jesus fed the 5,000. Jesus had only five loaves of bread and two fish, but it was, somehow, enough for them all. Matthew 14:13-21

Wiping off of blood on Peter’s sword– When Peter wipes the blood of of his sword, this may parallel the fact that we need to “wipe” off our sins by asking for forgiveness. Aslan said to Peter to ALWAYS wipe the blood off of his sword, like we need to always repent of our sins after we have committed them. Acts 3:19


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