The Magician’s Nephew

Jadis– Jadis in many ways parallels the Devil. This does not mean that she represents the Devil in this book. Some of the ways she parallels the Devil is that she only pays attention to those who can be of use to her. This is shown when Jadis ignores Digory and Polly when she has found a use for Mr. Ketterly rather than them. The Devil doesn’t waste his time on people that he knows will be of no use to him. He latches on to the ones that he can use, such as those wavering in their faith or those who have no faith at all. Jadis is afraid of Aslan, as the Devil is of God. She is horrified when her attempt to hurt Aslan when she throws the lamp-post at him fails. There are many more parallels between Jadis and the Devil that I encourage you to find.Aslan– Aslan parallels, but doesn’t represent, God and/or the Trinity. As God created our planet, Aslan created Narnia. And, as some of you may have already noticed, Aslan created the heavenly lights, plants, animals, and people (wood people to be more exact)in the same order as God created these things on earth.Genesis 1:1-31

King Frank & Queen Helen– Frank and Helen parallel Adam and Eve. All people, with the exception of the pirates and their decendents that came from our world at a later time, come from them. Frank was given the task to watch over the animals too, just like Adam was on earth. Genesis 2:7,20-25

The Garden Atop The Hill– The Garden which Digory, Polly, and Fledge are sent to parallels the Garden of Eden. Just as the Garden of Eden, it has a tree in the center of it very similar to the tree of Life. Also in the Garden, Digory is tempted to to eat the apple just as Adam and Eve where, except Digory didn’t do as the Witch told him, unlike Adam and Eve. Genesis 2:8-19

Andrew Ketterly– Mr. Ketterly may parallel a person who has not accepted God. Andrew was unable to hear the words of Aslan or the other animals because he chose not to believe they could talk. All he could hear was roars and barks and neighing. This is like an unbeliever who has tossed God out of their life. They can no longer hear Him, though he has been calling all the long. They have chosen to close their ears to him. Matthew 13:15



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