The Silver Chair

Eustace sticking a thorn in Aslans’ paw– This seems to parallel Jesus’ blood washing away our sins because of his death on the cross. When the blood touches Caspians lifeless body, it is brought back to life and is rejuvinated to look like a younger Caspian. The thorn seems to parallel Jesus’ crown of thorns he wore on the cross. Ephesians 2:13

Aslan’s Mountain– Seems to parallels Heaven as it is now. It seems that no time passes there, as it may seem in Heaven.

Jill reciting the clues– This seems to parallel how we need to memorize Bible verses in order to stay on the path God intended us to be on. When we memorize verses, we keep them in our hearts and we can use these verses to witness to others or to help us in times when we are down. When Jill stopped reciting the clues, it just got her and the rest of the company into more trouble and even the possibility of failing their quest. Proverbs 2

Green Witch talking to Jill, etc., about giant’s in Harfang– This seems to parallel Satan trying to distract us from what God tells us to do as the Green Witch tried to distract Jill and company from the signs that Aslan had given them. When they listened, it got them in to deep trouble. They only want to fulfill their longings for comfort, not the will of Aslan. When we listen to Satan, we ourselves get into trouble. Psalms 141:9


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  1. i read this book because im doing a report on this author. do you guys think you could help me out.(i have to have the report in thirty days)

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