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RHINDON-Rhindon was the name of the sword of High King Peter Pevensie of the kingdom of Narnia. It was given to him just before the end of the Hundred-Year-Christmas by Father Christmas. Rhindon’s hilt was made of gold and it was the perfect weight and size for Peter. It was with this sword that Peter slew the wolf Maugrim. He later used Rhindon at the Battle of Beruna and dueled the White Witch Jadis with it. It is likely that he used this sword during his battle to drive away the giants from the Northern boundaries of Narnia, and that it is around this time that he named the sword Rhindon. When King Peter vanished from Narnia, his sword was placed in the treasure chamber of Cair Paravel, and when Peter returned to Narnia 1,300 years later he found the sword and again used it during the Narnian Revolution and during his duel with King Miraz.

Rhindon, sword of the High King Peter

Rhindon, sword of the High King Peter

SUSAN’S HORN-The Horn of Queen Susan Pevensie of the Kingdom of Narnia was a hollowed ivory animal horn used in times of emergency to call for help. It was given to Susan by Father Christmas and she used it first when the Battle of Aslan’s camp was about to break out. The sound of it was described as “like a bugle, but richer”. After Queen Susan disappeared from Narnia, her horn became lost for many years. Until, it was found by half-dwarf Doctor Cornelius Shortly before the Narnian revolution Cornelius passed the horn to Caspian X who used it to call back the Pevensies to Narnia. Later when Caspian set out on his voyage on the Dawn Treader he gave the horn to his regent Trumpkin to use if any great need fell on the land in the king’s absence.

SUSAN’S BOW AND ARROWS-Queen Susan Pevensie’s bow was the weapon of the oldest Pevensie queen of the kingdom of Narnia. It was given to her by Father Christmas near the end of the Hundred Year Winter. It came with a quiver of arrows which Susan was told would not easily miss. When Queen Susan vanished from Narnia, her bow and arrows were placed in the treasure chamber of Cair Paravel, and when Susan returned to Narnia 1,300 years later she found the bow and arrows and used them to help save the Dwarf Trumpkin. She also used it during a friendly archery competition between herself and the Dwarf.

LUCY’S CORDIAL AND DAGGER-Queen Lucy’s cordial was a medicinal potion given to her by Father Christmas and was from the juice of the fire flowers that grew in the mountains on the Sun. A few drops would cure any wound, and she used it to save her brother Edmund and other wounded after the Battle of Beruna. The bottle the cordrial was in was said to be made of diamond. Lucy’s dagger was also given to her by Father Christmas, though it isn’t shown whether she used it at all, except for when she hit a bull’s eye when her older sister Susan is practicing with her bow and arrow.



20 responses to “The Gifts

  1. I love Susan’s bow an arrow~ It is amazing! I wish Edmund would have gotten something but he was to busy falling into the Witch’s trap.

  2. I know, me too! But he did get a gift of sort. 😉

  3. i love narnia

  4. how can i purchase the above items in malaysia

  5. How often do you yourself do Archery or do you just write about it?

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    Archery greats you should write about next.

    Thank you for stopping by! I must honestly say that I have never done archery myself, I have never had the chance to do so yet. I just like to study it and its history as much as possible. As for this site being on the google news, I must say that I am at a loss about it as you are! I have done nothing special except spread the URL around a bit. I am thankful for all the visitors! Thank you for the comments, and questions!

  6. well iam a archer! and a good shot to. i have 12 bows an all most 300 arrows [most of them are from the 1800s]. and most of my familys ancestors are head archers and we come from the head family in Ireland and Scootland . so if you ever have questions ask me . okay see ya.

  7. Wow, that is really neat! Do you know how to make your own arrows and bow? I think it would be neat to make Susan’s bow and arrows.

  8. amo las flechas de susan asta tengo echas en mi casa ,soy fanatico de las cronicas de narnia y me gusta anna popplewell la amo.bueno espero que sigan asiendo mas pelis de narnia y creo q ya no me gusta mas narnia porque ahora en la terser pelicula no van a estar susan y peter

  9. Deseo también que Peter y Susan estuvieran en la película siguiente, solamente ellos won’ t sea, porque en el libro ellos aren’ t. ¡Gracias por visitar mi sitio!

  10. Was that a comment directed by my poorly translated spanish, or at this beautiful designed page? 😉 😆

  11. hola me llamo lautaro y me encanta narnia mas susan que me encanta tengo el arco de ella la amo a susan bueno cha

  12. There are teeny replicas of these things that I want, and on amazon you can get the little replicas pretty cheap. I wish they had toys of these, but I did see an expensive white witch wand toy. NEATO!

    They do get REALLY spendy, I think they can run into like the $500 dollar kind of spendy! I recently got Edmund, Lucy, and Aslan each for about $7.00 on amazon, though. It’s really the cheapest price.

  13. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make Susan’s quiver and horn? My daughter (who is 8) adores Narnia and especially Susan. She asked for a bow and arrow for her birthday taht is coming up and I thought it would be so neat to make her the quiver and horn. Any ideas that are no ttoo complicated?

  14. Narnia is the best i’d love to have susans bow set and lucy cordial !!!!!



  17. Fazflowerthorne

    Does anybody know how to copy pictures of the gifts???????? ='(

  18. Fazflowerthorne

    8 😀

  19. Arlene fail!!

    Sincerest regards,


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